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“She is a blast of vibrant colour, warmth and humanity.” –Immy+Danny

Relaxed Documentary Wedding Photographer Oxford

Hey, I’ve compiled some of the lovely things my awesome couples have written about me over the years. I’m a wedding photographer living in Oxford and I aim to have a relaxed documentary style, capturing all sorts of lovely days across the UK. Here’s what they have to say.

I’ll try to not get too big a head…

Don’t just take my word for it…

The Old Coal Yard Newcastle wedding photographer, Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photography


Old Coal Yard, Newcastle

“Lucy did our wedding photography back in September 2022 (this is a long, long overdue review…!) and she was absolutely incredible. Her style is vibrant and fun, which is exactly what we wanted, and she captured our day perfectly. The photos she took are ones we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. Lucy was also professional and helpful beyond our expectations of a photographer (helping with my buttonhole flowers after they arrived very last minute) and perfectly understood all the challenges that a wedding can present. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks so much Lucy!!”

Wedding details_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photography


Islington Town Hall

“For our London wedding, Jeannine and I used Lucy Judson – and the results were fantastic. Having enjoyed Lucy’s non intrusive, yet intimate style, Jeannine and I met Lucy for a consultation before the event. She made us feel completely at ease, reassuring us in our most manic and busy of times, that she would capture our union in a wonderful way. Ms Judson more than delivered. The photographs were nothing short of marvelous – capturing Jeannine’s mystery and beauty perfectly, whilst making me look respectable and dapper! They were stylish, colorful and remarkably intimate. On the day itself we forgot she was there for a lot of the time, as she is so incredibly aware of angles and spacing. Lucy is a first class photographer, and, should she be in Miami soon, we would love to use her for our next wedding!”

Oxford botanic garden wedding photographer, Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photography


Oxford Botanic Garden

“We are so happy we chose Lucy as our wedding photographer! She perfectly captured the mood and atmosphere of our entire day and we absolutely love all the natural, candid and colourful photos she took. She was always in the right place at the right time and we love that she also took lots of photos of all our guests mingling and having fun, and managed to capture the reactions of our friends and family during the ceremony, speeches and party. We’d highly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for a great wedding photographer!”


“Lucy did our wedding photos for us and we truly couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Lucy was fantastic from start to finish and we were blown away with how she somehow managed to capture every moment from multiple angles, all while being incredibly unobtrusive so she could really capture candid moments. She was absolutely fantastic on the day and made us feel so comfortable – letting us just be ourselves rather than any heavy handed directing. The resulting photos perfectly captured the happiness of the day, and they make us smile every time we see them. We will treasure them forever and really can’t thank Lucy enough!”

“Letting us just be ourselves.”

Natural portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


“We are so lucky to have found Lucy. In a world of colourless and overly-posed wedding portraits, she is a blast of vibrant colour, warmth and humanity. Looking at our photos now she seems to have innately understood where to be at any moment to capture the joy we felt, the moments we most want to remember and the characters who made the whole thing special. Her pictures have a wonderful combination of dynamism and craft— like having all the immediacy and personality of candid photos taken by a good friend at the same time as displaying the eye of a true artist! It was lovely to get to know her and we really enjoyed the ‘practice-run’ we had with her before, which not only calmed our pre-wedding picture anxiety, but also gave us a whole other set of pictures of us to treasure.”

“we loved seeing how much fun everyone was having ”



“Lucy did an absolutely incredible job of photographing our wedding – the pictures are amazing and she was just brilliant on the day. She managed to capture so many lovely moments as they happened so our photos are really natural – we loved seeing how much fun everyone was having and seeing little things we’d missed ourselves on the day because Lucy was just everywhere! She blended in so well and didn’t tell us to pose for photos which was great – she just let us get on and enjoy the day. So many people mentioned how discrete and lovely Lucy was and how hard she’d worked – especially on a very long and hot day! We were totally thrilled with our photos – there’s such a good mix of arty and unusual pictures along with pictures just capturing all our memories of the day and they’re all beautiful. We really couldn’t recommend Lucy enough!!”

Dulwich college wedding photographer Lucy Judson wedding photographer oxford wedding photographer


“Lucy’s creative talent & enthusiasm was so obvious when we met her for the first time; we felt completely confident about her photographing our wedding. On the day, our guests commented on how lovely Lucy was as she subtly bounced around capturing so many clever shots. Our day was very colourful and the way she captured this was beyond my expectations…just perfect. She worked her socks off for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

“our guests commented on how lovely Lucy was as she subtly bounced around capturing so many clever shots”

A few more…

Beautiful bride_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


The Ashmolean, Oxford

“Lucy photographed our wedding earlier this year and we couldn’t recommend her enough! I was really nervous about being photographed all day, but Lucy was so friendly and natural that I felt completely at ease. Her photos are exactly what we hoped for – they captured all the most joyful moments of the day, they were colourful and dynamic, and most importantly to us, they were natural. We are absolutely delighted, and we’ve had so many compliments from friends and family, too. Lucy was wonderful to work with, really professional and excellent value. 10/10!”

Natural portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


The Amadeus, Maida Vale

“Lucy is absolutely wonderful. We were anxious to avoid any awkward, overly formal photos of our wedding, and did not want our guests to get bored during hours of posed photos. Lucy understood totally and what we have instead is the most wonderful collection of images that perfectly capture the day and everything that happened. Lucy has a magical ability to be everywhere except in the way. Most of the time I had no idea where she was but somehow she caught every moment from every angle. She is also a delight to work with. So many people have admired our photos and commented on Lucy’s endless energy, cheer and humour on the day. The photography was honestly one element of the wedding I was dreading but I did not need to worry. I would recommend Lucy to anybody and I can’t wait to see more of her work when she photographs my friend’s wedding in a few weeks time.”

Natural portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


The Bay Tree Hotel

“Lucy was our wedding photographer – she was absolutely brilliant! She is very lovely, and took time to get to know us as a couple and what we wanted. She took such gorgeous candid photos – she really captured the energy and spirit of the whole day – some really beautiful emotional ones as well as some v funny ones. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

New York wedding photographer
New York wedding photographer


This next review is slightly biased as Emma is my big sister but I had to include it nonetheless. My sister and her now wife live in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Since gay marriage wasn’t yet legal at the time in their home state, they decided to travel up to New York to make that amazing commitment to each other.

We, my family and I, had known this was a possibility for a while, but only found out a week before that they’d organised it all, booked their flights and officiant. As it was so last-minute they didn’t think any of either of their families would be able to attend but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Central Park!

I found some flights that weren’t too ridiculous and, with the help of Valerie and a friend of theirs in New York, I managed to keep my coming as a surprise/present for my sister. The look on her face as I rocked up behind her at a bar in the East Village was absolutely priceless. I did have to ask her how she thought she was going to get away with having a New York wedding without her wedding photographer sister there!


“Lucy’s style of photography lends a special level of intimacy to the photographs that she takes, and intimacy was not lacking at Valerie and I’s wedding as it was so small. Even so Lucy achieved the seeming impossible, blending in to our 4 strong group, herself included, and taking photographs of the natural smiles and intricate details of our wedding in Central Park.

Her photographs have allowed us, in a very real way, to share a day that meant so much to us with all of the people who couldn’t be there in person, capturing the love and happiness for all to see. Our elopement leant an air of fun and frivolity to a day that was symbolically strong and imposing and I love that the photographs have allowed us to capture that.”

“We’ll hold on to these photographs as reminders of everything that we promised to each other that day, they’re a wonderful lasting memory.”

A bit More Love

Couple Portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


Lower Damgate Fram

“I couldn’t recommend Lucy highly enough!! She photographed our wedding in June and perfectly captured all our happy moments. She was discreet and unobstrusive and was also a very calming and reassuring presence – which was exactly what I needed! If you’re looking for gorgeous, bright and natural shots, then look no further!! :)”

Natural portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


Islington Town Hall

“Lucy-you are such a talented photographer. You have such a wonderful eye for detail and for capturing every magical moment. You absolutely capture the spirit and colours beautifully of whatever event you are photographing.

The images you take are so vivid and so exciting that it’s like reliving the whole wonderful day and evening all over again.”

Couple Portraits_Lucy Judson Photography, Oxford wedding photographer


Marcham, Abingdon

“Lucy was absolutely brilliant for our scaled back and relaxed wedding with 30 guests this summer. We decided to go ahead at the last minute and so glad that Lucy was able to capture the day so perfectly. She was both extremely professional and friendly and integrated seamlessly with our guests.”



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