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Libby+Rose // Leez Priory Wedding

Leez Priory Wedding photographer

Libby and Rose got married four days before Christmas at the beautiful Leez Priory in Chelmsford, Essex. It was a gorgeous setting for a christmassy wedding, a big grand house with lovely fireplaces and fairy lights adorning the walls and trees. It was a really chilly day and I managed to get myself stuck in a horrible traffic jam to get under the Dartford tunnel. I’d thankfully left myself enough time and still arrived at the venue about an hour before the ceremony. Since then though I have increased the amount of time I leave to another hour or so on top of what it says it’ll take!

I’d met Libby and Rose a few months earlier in a really nice pub in Camberwell over a beer, I knew from that meeting that I’d enjoy capturing their day. Because it was so close to Christmas the venue was already decorated quite a bit so they didn’t have to do too much to it, which suited them completely. They had a few little details but nothing too fussy. One was the secret rainbow cake hidden under the white frosting, which one of the bridesmaids had made… and made for a lovely surprise. I can’t quite remember where Libby is from but her and her family quite like their vodka. So on each of the tables there was a different bottle of vodka for the speeches and toasts. I’d never seen this before and it made for some very lively tables and some not so lively tables, but you could definitely tell which ones had embraced the vodka experience.

I loved photographing their day and being persuaded to have a couple of shots at the end. They’re a great couple as you can see from their photographs below.


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