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Oxford based Wedding and events photographer

This was a little before I became a full time Oxford based photographer, when I was still working between Oxford and London a lot. As well as photographing lovely weddings I also got my camera out for some other reasons too.. I decided to pop some of that imagery together in a little blog post. In 2017 I had the joy of meeting a few brand new little people. I celebrated some awesome one year olds and captured a lovely baptism. I went on a little jaunt to Iceland to see the northern lights on the way back from a wedding in Florida. The Ernest Cook Trust, a lovely group of farmers, invited me to come a capture there quinquennial down in Dorset. And I also photographed a corporate comedy night, in which The Horne Section got a whole bunch of bankers to partake in some group zumba and Nina Conti took over the voices of the head of accounts. Add to that a few lovely couples who wanted a little practice before their big day and it’s been quite a year! :)





I’m based in Oxford, and shoot all sorts of events.

Whatever you’ve got planned, I’d love to come along and capture it for you!

If you have any questions just send me a message.