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Camen+Liz // Oxford Registry Office Wedding Photographer

Oxford Town Hall Wedding

Cycling-mad Camen and Liz spent a lovely day tying the knot in Oxford. The wedding was at the Oxford Town Hall and I was their wedding photographer. After a few photographs they both hopped on their bikes to the pub. The guests who were up for a bit of a jaunt on a bike joined them in a little fleet of cycles.

The destination was The Merry Miller, a lovely pub about 7 miles away. I had the fun task of jumping in another guest’s car and trying to get some snaps of them as they made their voyage. It was an interesting challenge in exposure times and hanging out of car window abilities…

I managed to get a few good ones and some not so sharp… But they all captured the fun of the experience, and everyone arrived in one piece. I loved the reception venue as well. They’d taken over the pub, The Merry Miller, and had a great spread of tasty food. There was no seating plan so everyone mixed about and chatted away in little and large groups.

For the speeches they went out into the garden so everyone was bathed in beautiful light, which made capturing all the expressions and emotions really easy and fun. The kids who’d been invited were great as well. They are always the least self-conscious of wedding guests and let me snap away without hiding behind glasses.

It was a lovely day and both of their personalities were evident in the relaxed setting, the bikes and the beautiful origami flowers and butterflies that decorated the tables.


Oxford town hall wedding photographer





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