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Ciara+Matt // Dead Dolls House wedding photographer

Dead Dolls house wedding photographer

I’m really happy Ciara and Matt asked me to be their wedding photographer at The Dead Dolls House . They got hitched at Islington Town Hall followed by a reception at The Dead Dolls House. After the ceremony they emerged out into the glorious sunshine as man and wife. We all wandered across the road to celebrate the marriage with tasty food and wine.

There were loads of cute kids there, including their lovely daughter. Lots of dressing up and climbing furniture. All the things adults need to have a couple of drinks in before they resort to kids do without a care in the world. It’s a treat for a photographer! I always get quite sad when couples say they aren’t inviting kids.

Dead Dolls House is trying to rebrand at the moment as Upper House, I thought it was an interesting name for a venue at the time. It’s a cool space though. Lots of lovely rooms and cool mirrors. Quirkily painting like a cartoon room and looked great with the sunshine pouring in. If you’re getting married and would like more information please get in touch!


Islington Town Hall

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